Please indulge me while I show off a bit.  To come perfectly clean the bonefish on the left was caught with spinning gear and a shrimp.  However the one of the right was my first on a fly and I am hooked.   The lobster tasted wonderful in case you are wondering!  You can buy a spear at the Hardware Store or SIDS  Grocery for about $30.00 and you are on the hunt.  Remember Lobster season runs from August 1 to April 1.  I'll give you a hint- the painting in the upper left is a nice ariel view of where to go for lobster, snorkle and fish right off the beach...

Will's first lobster, a nice Margate, and Julia and her lucky hat on the flats.  Now they are both out of college and these old photos remind us how great BitaBay and Green Turtle is for kids.

Bita Bay Bonefish!  Honeymooners Beth and John Murphy did not stray far from Bita Bay, but John managed quite a feet fishing with shrimp one morning in front of the house.  Beth was enjoying  coffee  on the front porch and had half an eye on hubby and  snaps a  few pictures, then hears a commotion as John is pulled off the reef by a fish!  She  gets down to the  beach to  document  the Bita Bay Bonefish.  Nice catch John!  The bonefish and Beth!                                

January 2007.  Susan landed a Hogfish Snapper on a line using a shrimp.  A school of young dolphin came by and gave us a thrill.  Mahi Mahi and the hogfish was snow white filet.  Nothing beats fresh fish on the grill. 

It doesn't get any better than this!  Fresh Mahi just off the house on a March morning with your daughter and her college buddies.

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