GUEST LOG Stardate Feb. 2006

We are anxious to post your favorite pictures here.  We take great pride in people having only the best of times at Bita Bay House.   Please email us at your jpegs.  PG 13 please.  Well it is OK to tease the webmaster, but our postings will be PG13!

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Our Daughter and her college buddies had a wonderful experience during the full moon in August.  Fortunately the girls decided to go to Pinneaples late that night and as they got on the golf cart they noticed the sand moving everywhere they looked.  Hatchlings we later identified as Green Turtles had surrounded the house since the lights were on and the house sits so close to the beach.  They scooped up the little guys in their skirts and walked them to the water just beyond the wave line.  They had to get a bucket there were so many- easily over 100.  We knew there was a nest or two infront of the house from evidence in June.  Now it is just wonderful to  KNOW that these guys were spared an awefull tragedy of dying in the yard, and they all made it to the water.  Sara found a couple the next morning among the dunes and said it was cool to see them swin away so eagerly when she took them to the water.  May one or two of them make it back to Bita Bay in a few years to pay someone else a magical visit.


Kathy from Michigan spent two weeks in May 2006 and woke up one morning to evidence of great joy!  Thanks for covering up the nests.  Nice to know they were greeted into the world and given an fighting chance.  Come back some day ya hear!

The Sisk Family February 2006.


Diane and Randy had a perfect week in Feb 2006, what they remember of it.

Debbie Paysinger did this marvelous painting on her last visit.